askeyA small ASCII-demo on a microcontroller simulating an PS/2 keyboard7 yearssummarylogtree
awaysmsIrssi plugin-thingy-mess to send SMS when getting messages while away7 yearssummarylogtree
bash-iniProvides an easy way to parse INI-like files from bash7 yearssummarylogtree
BinaryBCDPebblePebble watchface that shows the time in binary coded decimals4 yearssummarylogtree
configsMy config files6 yearssummarylogtree
dispemuKind-of emulator for graphic displays based on the ST7565R chip, e.g. the 64128K7 yearssummarylogtree
drg2flacConverter from I-Doser drg files to FLAC7 yearssummarylogtree
dzen-sysinfobash / awk scripts to generate a dzen2 info bar7 yearssummarylogtree
dzenvolumeSimple onscreen volume display using dzen27 yearssummarylogtree
farbrauchDemo-Tool to play a video and control RGB LEDs7 yearssummarylogtree
getedTerminal browser for a teachers website7 yearssummarylogtree
git2latexTool to convert git logs to LaTeX code7 yearssummarylogtree
herbstclient-pythonPython herbstluftwm ipc-client module7 yearssummarylogtree
herbstluftwmMy development copy of www.herbstluftwm.org7 yearssummarylogtree
hermioneConfig files and random scripts for my ThinkPad-Laptop "Hermione"7 yearssummarylogtree
hsrvpnHSR VPN tools3 yearssummarylogtree
infobotfactoids-limnoriaSupybot/Gribble/Limnoria plugin to handle Infobot databases7 yearssummarylogtree
ircbotsSeveral old bash IRC bots7 yearssummarylogtree
journalwatchOLD REPO, use instead - Simple log ...7 yearssummarylogtree
laenzaQuick launcher written in Bash7 yearssummarylogtree
latex-workshopSome files for a simple LaTeX-Workshop I did7 yearssummarylogtree
led_stripDocumentation and software for a WS2811 RGB LED strip7 yearssummarylogtree
mailVarious scripts used on my mailserver7 yearssummarylogtree
mutt-tcPatched variant of the mutt mailclient7 yearssummarylogtree
nabaztagnabaztag API stuff7 yearssummarylogtree
nagiosNagios checking scripts7 yearssummarylogtree
newrepoScript to create a new gitolite repo from an existing git repo7 yearssummarylogtree
notify-command-weechatweechat-plugin to run a command on highlights/queries7 yearssummarylogtree
npcNerds' pissing contest, a coding language contest7 yearssummarylogtree
omegle_elizaOmegle eliza stuff7 yearssummarylogtree
oopsdUPS monitoring7 yearssummarylogtree
outofsyncDemo for a 32x32 LED matrix. There be dragons!6 yearssummarylogtree
panel2Panel for herbstluftwm using conky and dzen7 yearssummarylogtree
pdfsplitScript to make splitting many pdfs with pdftk more bearable7 yearssummarylogtree
pkgbuildMy Archlinux AUR PKGBUILDs6 yearssummarylogtree
proxyswitch_polipoproxyswitch-script using polipo7 yearssummarylogtree
pullpushMakes it easy to keep multiple git repos in sync7 yearssummarylogtree
pyrmlintPython interface to rmlint7 yearssummarylogtree
pytransportapiPython library for the Swiss public transport API7 yearssummarylogtree
qt-debug-pkgbuildArchlinux PKGBUILDs for Qt5/PyQt5 with debugging enabled6 yearssummarylogtree
quvi-dwbQuvi-Plugin for dwb7 yearssummarylogtree
randomJust some random stuff5 yearssummarylogtree
remote-notifyTool to use libnotify from a remote machine7 yearssummarylogtree
rmlint2fdupesrmlint to fdupes converter7 yearssummarylogtree
sbb_distanceQuick Python-hack to calculate the distances of a train journey7 yearssummarylogtree
sbbcliInitial sbbcli attempt7 yearssummarylogtree
schreimaschineA Python-script to write out different oneliner-shouts from twitter and demoscen...7 yearssummarylogtree
sgpterminal-client for supergenpass7 yearssummarylogtree
sshtunnelOLD REPO, use instead - Managing of ss...7 yearssummarylogtree
stikked-clientpaste client foo7 yearssummarylogtree
supergenpass-dwbSuperGenPass-Plugin for dwb7 yearssummarylogtree
vimfilesVim configuration files7 yearssummarylogtree
webdiffBash script to send mails on website updates2 yearssummarylogtree
webopacPython-script to search in the libraries of Winterthur7 yearssummarylogtree
wingravitysubtle-like window gravities for Microsoft Windows with Autohotkey7 yearssummarylogtree
winunsuckAn autohotkey-script to fix missing Windows features which annoy me, like worksp...7 yearssummarylogtree
ws2811-ariUSB to WS2811 code - mirror of CCCZH code7 yearssummarylogtree
xdd2esiBEH xdd2esi converter7 yearssummarylogtree
xojgrepTool to search for text in XOJ/TXT/PDF/... files - unfinished!7 yearssummarylogtree
xrotateScript to rotate screen and wacom tablet with herbstluftwm7 yearssummarylogtree